Our infants and primary students celebrated St. Patrick’s day in our school. They have been remembering  the meaning of this festivity. Irish people remember this day as one of the most important for christianity history over there.  The Green colour is basically their identity, because of the Green land of  the Irish country and the shamrock is the main symbol for them.

As every year Leprechauns by this time come to schools to leave some chocolate coins for our students so we were ready to find the treasure! In pairs we hunted the treasure. It was great fun!



(11/11/2014)  English Prayers


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Durante el mes de octubre, los alumnos de Infantil aprendieron a rezar en inglés "Dear Baby Jesus". A todos nos sorprendió la facilidad con la que lo hicieron. Y por ello, queremos agradecer profundamente a las familias vuestra colaboración diaria y vuestro apoyo. Sin vosotros, no habría sido tan fácil. 




Last Friday, our Infants took part on a storytelling in English, which they really enjoyed. Milly the Mermaid and Sam Seahorse visited our school!


(01/11/2014)  Welcome to Merced Chef



On October 30, our Infants had an enjoyable cooking workshop in English. They cooked chocolate spiders!




Last week, the Owls and Toucans learnt how to make simple colour Sudoku puzzles in English. This activity, which motivated us very much, helped to review vocabulary and structures such as “What colour are we missing here?”, as well as logical mathematical skills and teamwork.

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